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I Chin Ching - Bronze Peacock


Women's SELF - Defense - Confidence - Love Workshop

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Next dates in 2017:

Saturday July 15
Monday July 31

Upcoming Festivals

*** 2017 ***

Fist of the Crazy Mad Drunk
Thursday, June 8
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Open to ALL levels!

Hua Mountain
9-Ring Broadsword

Saturday, July 8
9 am - 1 pm
Open to ALL levels!

Er Chie Kuen
Single Nunchaku Form
Tuesday, July 11
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Open to ALL levels!

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2017 May - Aug

Train with the Elder Masters

*** 2017 ***

Shao-Lin Iron Broom
Sunday, June 25
11 am - 4 pm
Denver, CO

Lost Track Fist
Saturday, July 29
Salt Lake City, UT

Ground Monkey &
Mantis Strikes Out

Sat/Sun September 2-3
Barcelona, Spain

Iron Ruler Crushes the Demon
Saturday, October 21
Albuquerque, NM

10,000 Lotus Blooming
Saturday, November 11
Los Angeles, CA

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Master Tanisha's
& Empowerment

Tanisha Martin Empowerment Coaching

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150 Husbands, A Memoir for Hope and Transformation

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150 Husbands,
A Memoir for
Hope and Transformation


"My Cup Overfloweth!"

Master Tanisha testing to 5th Black - Drunken Beggar Stick & Bowl form

Wow, it's May 2017 and I am turning the 40 as well as celebrating my 20-year anniversary in traditional Shao-Lin Kung Fu!

I have been training in this art for
half of my life!

This is a huge double-milestone, so we are going to celebrate with a killer special!

(Bonus, I'm actually celebrating a third event—my first book is coming out shortly thereafter, and there is a pre-release discount of 25% off an autographed copy going on right now! You can find out about my bizarre and empowering memoir at

Whether you're brand new or have been here for years, thank you for training with us! You enrich the school, the students, and my own life!

Enjoy these deals!

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Wednesday, May 24

Saturday, May 6

2 Years*

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Save $240!

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Save $480!

1 Year

$20 OFF


+ FREE Festival

+ FREE Private Lesson

$40 OFF


+ FREE Festival

+ FREE Private Lesson

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+ FREE Festival
or Private Lesson

$40 OFF


+ FREE Festival
or Private Lesson

*2-Year Membership may be used for one person or split between two people for one year each.

Memberships may still be frozen once with prior written notice. (Freezes are not back-dated.)


Festival Packages





Wednesday, May 24

Saturday, May 6



($45 each)


($40 each)



($40 each)


($35 each)

Good for any festivals taught by Master Tanisha, whether Advanced or Foundational. For second-time festivals, you get six festivals in a 3-Pack, or twelve in a 6-Pack. Festivals are normally $50 - $70 depending on the type and when the fee is paid.


Private Lessons





Wednesday, May 24

Saturday, May 6



($40 each)


($37 each)



($37 each)


($33 each)

Private lessons may be shared between students at no extra charge. They are normally $50 - $75 an hour, or a 10-Pack for $400.


POA $.50 - $100*

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